On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank On the Google #1 IN The First Page – 2019 Latest Edition

1.On-page optimization
2.Off-page optimization

Today i will discuss On-page optimization & Off-page optimization. I will be sharing a lot of details about the On-page optimization & Off-
page optimization these things will high your rank #1 on google

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What is difference  Between On-page optimization & Off-page optimization



On-page optimization: On-page optimization refers to the entire website in which found sitemap and permalink structure

Off-page optimization: In off page SEO they have content for a target keyword within a single blog post they have using proper keywords, headings, content &quality.

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Why Do You Need On-Page SEO Optimization?

Search engines are nothing because the have set of algorithms they have various factors to rank #1 on google like certain keyword

Why are you not ranking on the first page of search results?



This is the main reason behind every blogger why my post does not show on google #1 they have a lot of reason behind if you are not paying
attention on the SEO then you post will never be shown on google #1 Now Google will Also show that how much your SEO Score on
Google and google saw other factors like social media, backlinks, domain authorities& many other off-page matrics One page SEO is to
optimize post on google search engine easily which can pick your target keywords and website targeted visitors

If you don’t know about ” how can search a keywords

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The most important thing is content is gold if your content is so much impressive then your google ranking Automatically on #1 on google
one thing you would remember if you add videos in content then your post will attractive and more information about the content

On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques For Better Ranking in 2019
1. Improve the user experience.
2.If your readers have come and they can go quickly and then your website ranking will also decrease
3.Create an impressive and good content

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